JONATHAN SKJØTT is a media prototyper excited about film and data visualisation. He brings a researcher's mindset to design and storytelling


Service Design for Participatory Science - 2018

Prototyping forms and social dynamics.

Auto Rickshaw Families in a Changing City - 2018

A rich insight into the life of Hyderabadi Auto rickshaw drivers.

Amplify Education - 2017

Curriculum development for english language learners.

A Mooc Introducing Refugees to Online Learning - 2017

A MOOC which provides access to higher education for refugees.


Minerva Schools at KGI, San Francisco, USA

2015 -> present

Double Major in Computational Sciences and Arts & Humanities. I am currently working on my bachelor thesis which is a spatial analysis of a Danish history journal.

Expected graduation: May 2019, current GPA: 3.73


Minerva Schools at KGI, San Francisco, USA

United World College Costa Rica, Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Work Experience

Research Intern to Sebastian Deterding & Jeske Van der Gevel

Media Production and Digital Fabrication Intern

Media and Product Intern

MOOC Production Intern

Visual Media Producer

EdSurge Independent

Humanity In Action