Film Portfolio

Jonathan Skjøtt's documentaries and short films showcase unique environments, prompt reflection, and comments on specific aspects of human life. As a cinematographer and editor, he embraces a tight style frequently featuring match cuts, cuts on action, and a lot of movement. His main inspirations include filmmakers such as Leonardo Dalessandri, Satoshi Kon, and Wes Anderson.


Hyderabad Reel

A reel based on my footage and work in Hyderabad.

Director, videographer, editor

May 2018


FabLab Seoul

An introduction to FabLab Seoul and Maker City in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Director, videographer, editor

January 2018


How Many Relationships

Die in the Night?

A short film about intimacy, doubt, and staying awake into the night.

Director, videographer, editor

November 2017

Veil of Beauty

You are the mirror of the world and the world is the mirror of you. A reading of an excerpt from Khalil Gibran's The Prophet(1923).

Actor, director, videographer, editor

December 2015

Commercial / Marketing

How to Become an Online


An illustrative snippet from a MOOC I was part of creating for Kiron Open Higher Education.

Videographer, editor

October 2016